July 5, 2020

Dallas-Fort Worth Community Group of The Institute of Noetic Sciences

We are similar to a local book club…

Meeting monthly to have a conversation that will make a difference, in that in some small way we’ll shift the rotation of the planet… If not for everyone on the planet, at for least those participating.

Together, we explore emerging paradigms, entertain ideas that expand our idea of the known, and have here from forward thinkers, movers, and thought leaders. Sometimes we’ll cross an idea that has been bantered about for decades if not a millennium… only to hear it for the first time in a way that ties it all together.


We operate under the idea that whenever two or more people come together, third intangible entity is created called the group mind. In this group mind, sometimes it is easier to connect or integrate a new and novel concept. Sometime one will hear something that others in the group did not, but in discussion and questioning makes it available to everyone.

We have a small core of people that visit on a regular basis, but the mix can be and usually is completely different from month to month. Attendance is usually in the range between 20 and 80, depending on the topic… and probably a host of other things.

Even though the faces may change…

We are  a community of kindred spirits. Seekers, investigators, and explorers of inner space. I hear all the time from new people that find us…

“I’ve been wondering if I was the only one that thought this way? It is so nice to finally connect with others that are involved in the same inquiry, the same conversation, and journey.”

Our Meetings

We meet typically the first Sunday of every month at CSL-Dallas (Center for Spiritual Living-Dallas) from 2:30-4:30 PM. The only exceptions are when the Sunday falls on or very near a national holiday. We are not affiliated with CSL, but they support us by making space available for a nominal rent. We ask that you support us by a $5 donation when you attend.

We usually have a speaker present on a topic that lands somewhere in the realm of science and spirituality, usually pushing the edges of either side, or both. Some ideas are controversial… some are founded on hard science, while others tease the science others have proven to create questions not yet considered.

We present topics that are in alignment with the mother ship, The Institute of Noetic Sciences. We sit under the umbrella of their research and findings, yet we are not directly supported or governed by the Institute.

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